El alfabeto español

Learning el alfabeto español is easy if you study with Cosmo! Just click on him below.

How to trill your RRs

Want to know in more detail how to get that trill sound to pronounce the Spanish R and RR?

That’s great—pronunciation is so important!

In this video you’ll find a Latin teacher, but the same techniques hold for Spanish…and other Romance languages as well.

Enjoy…..and prrrrrrrractice!

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 8.13.05 PM

FS-3 Tarea C — Los opuestos (Opposites)

The sentences given are the opposite of what is true! Write new sentences to describe each person according to the drawings. If you don’t want to print, just write your sentences directly into your cuaderno.

Hasta mañana…


Los Países Hispanohablantes – Mapa para Practicar

This is the same map that will be on your quiz on Tuesday.

Will you be able to match all 22 Spanish-speaking countries correctly?

¡Suerte! — Good luck!


Think fast! Los países hispanohablantes

Here are some games that will keep you on your toes. How quickly can you click on the correct Spanish-speaking country? How quickly can you place countries on the map?

Click on the pictures below to enter the games….if you dare. In the Chili Pepper game, you will see the category “Countries”. Select according to the challenge you are ready for.

Suerte – Good luck!

FS-3 Tarea B (para el miércoles)

Refresh your memory of the verb SER (to be).

Then do the activity by combining pieces to form correct sentences. We will jump into more SER tomorrow.

Hasta entonces/See you then,

Profesora F.SER chart SER tarea

Los Mapas

Need a reference of the Spanish-speaking world? You’ll find them here. There are so many Spanish-speaking countries that it’s hard to find them all on one map! Just right-click on the maps and save them to your computer to study.

Do some country names seem a little fuzzy? Try zooming in.

Remember: Spain = España              Equatorial Guinea = Guinea Ecuatorial        

                    Dominican Republic: La República Dominicana


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