Why is Spanish a great choice?

Juanes, the famous Colombian rock star, provides the soundtrack to this blitz of reasons to get into Spanish.


Beyoncé and Jay-Z in Cuba? How’s that?

As you probably saw in the news, Beyoncé and Jay-Z took a trip to Cuba recently to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Wait, but how were they able to do this, since according to US law it’s illegal to be a tourist in Cuba and spend American dollars? Is the US still serious about their economic embargo with Cuba after more than 50 years?

Watch this video and find out how the superstars were able to go, and how complicated our relationship with Cuba has been.


Conjugations back

Check out this video — Justin Timberlake and company answer the question, “Why do we need to conjugate?”

Practice -AR Verbs (and build a burrito)

Hot Tamale!

That’s the highest and hottest level in this game. Are you up to the test?

If you need to warm up, first try easy, intermediate, or advanced.

Before you start, copy the list of new -AR verbs below. You will need them to beat the game:

viajar – to travel

comprar – to buy

mirar – to watch

tomar – to take

llevar – to carry

caminar – to walk

llegar – to arrive

cambiar – to change

buscar – to look for

El alfabeto español

Learning el alfabeto español is easy if you study with Cosmo! Just click on him below.

Wisin y Yandel … and the weather

“Abusadora” is the name of the track by this Puerto Rican duo, referring to a woman who is an “abuser”. But can you figure out what weather they say over and over in their lyrics?

Click on the picture to hear the song. Or, right-click on the picture to download the track.

Practice El Calendario

Want to practice the days of the week and months of the year en español? Just click on the calendar below. Then click on the day or month it asks for. You’ll get so into it that the days and months will literally just fly by.

Be careful: Don’t confuse days with months or other vocabulary!


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