FS-3 Conjugation Review Sheet

Aquí tienes la hoja que usamos durante la clase, para practicar en casa.



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FS-1 Review Sheet: Los números, La hora, La cortesía

Here is the vocabulary sheet from the whiteboard activity today. You could have someone test you at home, just like we did in class.

¡Animo! – Go for it!


FS-1 Number Games

Click on the pictures to find online games that will help you review los números.


FS-1 ¿Qué hora es? – Practicar la hora

Want to review the different ways we can talk about time en español?

Check out these helpful pages:

-A written description with examples of telling time

-A labelled clock showing the difference between “menos” and “y”

-An online game for interactive practice…listen to how someone from Spain sounds! Click on Actividades (Activities) to play, but feel free to explore everything on the page.


FS-3 Tarea G: ¿Qué hacen?

¿Qué hacen? -What do they do?

Write what each person in the pictures does. Also copy the question for each item.

All verbs here are REGULAR. Make sure you conjugate correctly!

Hasta mañana…

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 5.39.57 PM

FS-3 Tarea F: IR + A + infinitive

Completa el diálogo con IR A infinitivo.

Escribe TODO el diálogo.

¡Nos vemos el lunes!



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