Tarea#37: Practicar stem-changing verbs

Write out each sentence in its entirety. Remember to conjugate the verb appropriately.

Nota: sentir [ie] = to feel                 cerrar [ie]= to close


Tarea#36: Stem-changing verbs

What is a “Stem-changing verb”?

We will find out more in class Friday. In the meantime, copy the explanatory paragraph AND example (the verb pensar, “to think”) into your notes. You will need them for reference in class on Friday. (Note: You may print this, but to get full homework credit you must write it by hand.)

Hasta entonces…


Tarea#35: Expressing wishes/desires

Read the description in the box.  Then use the examples as a guide to complete the sentences for what is true for you (Items 1-4 below – ONLY about yourself).

NOTA: viajar a = to travel to

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 4.33.36 PM

FS-2 Practicar PREMIO

Aquí tienes la actividad que usamos en clase.

(Remember, these are just examples of topics to review. Make sure to completely review notes, tarea, boletos de salida, etc…)

Hasta pronto…


FS-2 Los pasatiempos

NOTA: This is from an old tarea. You should review these pasatiempos (pastimes/leisure activities) for the exam.



FS-2 Practicar para el examen final

Aquí tienes las actividades que usamos en clase.

Hasta pronto…Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.06.01 PM



FS-2 Topics on Final Exam

In addition to what is listed below, review your class notes, assignments, tareas, proyectos, etc…



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