FS-2 Tarea#5 Viven en…

Completa el párrafo con el verbo VIVIR. Escribe todo.

(Complete the paragraph with the verb VIVIR. Write out everything.)


cerca de – close to                    lejos de – far from

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FS-6 Practicar vocabulario: Actividades culturales

Aquí tienes lo que usamos en clase.


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CulturalActivitiesAnswers-Blog CulturalActivitiesPalmaditas-Blog

FS-2 Tarea#3 El verbo “vivir”

Copy the conjugation chart for vivir into your notes. Focus on the endings as you write them.

Also copy the notes below the chart. We will be working with IR verbs this week.

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FS-2 Tarea#3: “La familia de José”

Complete the paragraph about José’s family according to his family tree. (This is the family tree you copied into your notebook. It is also still visible on the post for Tarea#1.)

Make sure to write out the entire paragraph with your answers. Here are the first two lines to get you started:

Soy José García Rojas. Mi hermana se llama Mónica….

NOTAS:  quiero mucho = I love a lot       nieto/a = grandchild

¡Hasta el lunes!



FS-6 Pretérito de verbos IRRegulares

Refer to the pretérito in the charts below to refresh your memory on the conjugations.

Rusty? Write them over and over until you don’t make any more mistakes. These need to become automatic.


FS-2 Tarea#2: ¿Quién es?

Make sure to write out the entire sentences in addition to completing them logically. Use family vocabulary from today´s class as your word bank.


  1. El hermano de mi madre es mi tío. (The brother of my mother is my uncle.)Capture

FS-2 Tarea#1: La familia

Copy the family tree into your notebook (you don’t need to color or draw the people in great detail; a simple face will do). Focus especially on the words in blue bold. Try to guess what each means as you write them. We will discuss tomorrow.

NOTA: In order to get full homework credit, you must write it out by hand. You may print but a printout alone will not earn you full homework credit.

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