FS-1 Number Games

Click on the pictures to find online games that will help you review los números.


FS-1 Tarea#4: ¿En qué orden? – In what order?

Unscramble the sentences in the activity below to form logical Spanish sentences.

Watch out for punctuation and accents!


FS-1 Tarea#3: Saludos y despedidas (Greetings and goodbyes)

Read the article below. In your notebook, record TWO things you found interesting from the article.You will be asked to share them tomorrow in class. Hasta mañana…

NOTA: saludo = greeting

despedida = leave-taking


El alfabeto español

Here it is for your reference:


How to trill your RRs

Want to know in more detail how to get that trill sound to pronounce the Spanish R and doble RR?

That’s great—pronunciation is so important! And in many cases it will change the meaning of the word.


pero = but


In this video you’ll find a Latin teacher, but the same techniques hold for Spanish…and other Romance languages as well.

Enjoy…..and prrrrrrrractice!

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 8.13.05 PM

El alfabeto español (con el famoso Cosmo)

Learning el alfabeto español is easy with Cosmo… Just click on him below.

Careful: The RR (doble erre) is missing from the video. Also, make sure to pronounce “doble” like “DOH-bleh”.

Los Países Hispanohablantes – Mapa para Practicar

Mapa para practicar = Map to practice

This is the same map that will be on your map quiz next week. As you can see, there are no secrets about it.

Will you be able to match all 22 Spanish-speaking countries correctly and spell them correctly en español?

¡Suerte! — Good luck!



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