FS-3 “Bienvenidos” doc to print

Queridos estudiantes de FS-3,

Aquí tienen el documento para imprimir (to print). Lo necesitamos mañana.

Hasta entonces,

Profesora Feehan



FS-3 Grading policy to print

NOTA: This post is for FS-3 students ONLY. FS-1 students, you have a different post!

Queridos estudiantes:

As discussed in class, please print out the grading policy, complete the second page, and bring BOTH to class on Tuesday for homework credit.

Hasta pronto y buen fin de semana.


FS-1 Grading policy and docs to print


As discussed in class, please bring to class on Tuesday all of these documents printed out. Also make sure to complete the second part of the grading policy to turn in on Tuesday.

Buen fin de semana y nos vemos el martes. (Have a good weekend and see you Tuesday.)



¿Lo sabías? – Did you know?

The US is currently the world’s second-largest Spanish-speaking country (after Mexico). Click below to find out more.

Before you read, try to guess the top three states with the largest percent of Spanish speakers. (Incidentally, Profesora visited the top Spanish-speaking state in the US this summer!)


¿Por qué español? – Why Spanish?

Juanes, the famous Colombian rock star, provides the soundtrack to this blitz of reasons to get into Spanish.


Tarea#37: Practicar stem-changing verbs

Write out each sentence in its entirety. Remember to conjugate the verb appropriately.

Nota: sentir [ie] = to feel                 cerrar [ie]= to close


Tarea#36: Stem-changing verbs

What is a “Stem-changing verb”?

We will find out more in class Friday. In the meantime, copy the explanatory paragraph AND example (the verb pensar, “to think”) into your notes. You will need them for reference in class on Friday. (Note: You may print this, but to get full homework credit you must write it by hand.)

Hasta entonces…